Kevin Savino​-​Riker - Lovers, Fighters, Survivors

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(Intro - American acoustic pop)
Dancing through these album pages
Fingers grazing old picture frames
It's the way that paper memory ages
Yellowing photos of Linda and James

I stand transfixed and stare
It's almost like I was there
If I look closely I can see
How all of this came to be

(Narration 1 - Ukrainian / German folk)
Anna Korlinchek came from Kiev, Ukraine
And Donald Arthur Riker came from Kiel, Germany
They met in the United States, fell in love, and married
I never knew her, but I have memories of him
He always called refrigerators 'Frigidaires'
And he always called me 'Snipe'
There's a photo of the two of them
Leaning against a beautiful brand-new car
I like to think that it was blue

I turn the page

(Narration 2 - Italian classical)
He was born 'Modesto Tomaso Giuseppe Valentino Savino'
He went by 'Tom' for short
His family emigrated to America
From a small town called Bari
In the heel of the boot in southern Italy
He joined the Navy and fought in World War II
And came home to marry his high school sweetheart
He loves wine and garlic
And cutting hair
He's 83 years old now, and still works as a barber
Three days a week
And he golfs the other four

I turn the page

(Narration 3 - Irish folk)
Joyce Kathryn Hanlon's family hailed from
The County of Armagh in Northern Ireland
She served as a nurse in World War II
And after the war ended
Her sister married her high school sweetheart's brother
And she married her high school sweetheart
And the two families became very very close
She loves laughter so much
Even when she swears, it sounds adorable

...and after all this...

(Conclusion - American acoustic pop)
Donald and Anna had a baby boy
Who they called James
Thomas and Joyce, they had a daughter
Linda was her name

Savino met Riker....

Then Linda and James, they had a baby boy...

Looking back, I see traces of my identity
Lovers, fighters, survivors
And all of them in me
Yeah this is my family tree
Yeah this is my family tree
Yeah this is my family tree


from SpinTunes #1: Round 4, released August 11, 2010
Kevin Savino-Riker
Sidney Robert Brown - fiddle




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