The Boffo Yux Dudes - My Tiny House Is Too Tiny

from by Various Artists



When the house isn't large enough, you have issues.



So, what do you think?
(laughs) Wow
It's really coz… OW!

My life turned upside down when my spouse
Decided she wanted a tiny house
So we built a house on a trailer
And now I ply the roads like a sailor

There’s no kitchen, there’s no hall
Just one small space to hold them all
Sit on the toilet, put your feet on the bed
And remember please to mind your head

I don’t mean to sound too whiny
but my tiny house is too tiny
You can check out this awesome groove
But you’ll have no room to move

Stand real still and I’ll give you the tour
But then you saw it all when you walked in the door
No storage, so it’s all easy to find
You gotta go outside to change your mind

Some people think it looks so cute
It’s like wearing a giant wooden suit
I’m not getting used to this shrinkage
The only guest that we can have is Peter Dinklage

I’d like to sail the sea so briny
Because my tiny house is too tiny
No peanut butter, there’s no doubt
Because there’s no room to spread out

(squeezing in the solo)

I have nowhere left to hoard
Just two t-shirts and an ironing board
Some gym shorts and a pair of jeans
Instant coffee and a can of beans

That is all that I still own
Cause that’s all that can fit in my home
So if you decide you want to live in a kiosk
Remember, nothing rhymes with kiosk.


from Champions Vs Shadows #1: Shadows, released July 28, 2015
Scott Mercer - letters and stuff
Al Morgan - notes and pounding on things
Toni Morgan - table and wall support
Tommy G - Internet cleanup




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