Boffo Yux Dudes - Pain (Shadow)

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My story goes...

I sat down to write and nothing came out
Not a melody, lyric, anecdote or shout
So I bit my pencil and as I lingered
I found myself chewing on my finger
I screamed in pain and before you know
I dropped the mike and had broken my toe
I clutched it in pain and slipped on the floor
And crashed my head right into the door
I stumbled back and slipped out the window
I thought my time on this Earth was through
Fell 20 feet, landed on my car
Crashed through the roof, landed on my guitar
It fell into gear and started to roll
I caromed down the street and slid onto the toll(way)
Went backwards through traffic and I couldn't steer
That stench from my pants was the smell of fear
I got sideswiped and fell in a ditch
Scrambled out of the back onto my trailer hitch
I slipped one more time and did a face plant
I was so angry I just started to rant
A trucker heard me and stopped his big rig
Offended by my raving and acting like a pig
He wound up his fist and gave me a shiner
And sat on my back like I was a recliner
I started to yell and he rolled off my back
Said he'd heard my songs and that I was a hack
I limped away, sat down on the floor
Didn't feel that I could take anymore
I held my head and started to cry
Why didn't this happen to some other guy?
But there's no reason for me to wail
It's all my fault 'cause of this shaggy dog tale
My tale of woe might not win any awards
That's what happens when you don't change your chords
My tale of woe might not win any awards
That's what happens when you don't change your chords
I guess I learned


from SpinTunes #8: Round 4, released March 25, 2014
Boffo Yux Dudes




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