Kolton H. - Sacred Drug

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The song is written with a sort of double meaning. It can either be interpreted as a song about a bad relationship, or, alternatively as a song about addiction using a relationship as a metaphor.

The contrast between the slower sections and the fast-paced, more frantic ones was meant to reflect the crazy, emotional roller-coaster that people in this position often feel.


You hide yourself away from me
Even as you take control
Your toxic venom stops my heart
Your poison corrupting my soul

Yet I give you all my pain
As you take, consuming all
I know you wouldn't die to save me
But I'll be there if you fall

Like a virus in my mind
I feel you taking hold
Like a needle in my vein
Penetrating, burning cold

But I'll return time after time
Addicted to the side effect
You are the curse that I can't break
The sacred drug that I inject

As we lay here side by side
This cruel silence chills my heart
Even though I'm next to you
I feel so far apart

Ties that bound us now betrayed
Yet I stay here after all
I know I would die to save you
Even if you'd let me fall


from SpinTunes #9: Round 2, released July 29, 2014




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