James Young - She's A Monster

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I'm going to tell you all a story
I nearly didn't live to share
In places it's a little gory
It was a nightmarish affair
Because right from the start
She planned to rip out my heart
And drag me to hell
I said "I will be right back"
That's when she staged her attack
I'm under her spell

She's a monster, she's a monster
With one look she made me want her
Locked me up, threw out the key
With her supernatural style
And the devil in her smile
I will never be set free
From the monster in me

I'm wide awake but I'm still dreaming
Her shadow walking by my side
And in the dark I hear her breathing
How does she cross the great divide?
Now she fills me with dread
Can't get her out of my head
Her hypnotic voice
And there's blood on my hands
But no one else understands
She gave me no choice

She's a monster, she's a monster
Bad for me but I still want her
She's forever torturing me
All the dreams she leaves me dreaming
Every day I wake up screaming
It's becoming plain to see
There's a monster in me

She's a monster, she's a monster,
There is nothing that can stop her
Once she gets beneath your skin
All the pain that she's inflicted
She's a drug and I'm addicted
It's a fight I cannot win
There's a monster within


from SpinTunes #10: Round 2, released February 3, 2015




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