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This is an actual account of a nightmare I once had. The worst part, apart from the creepy guy that threatened to kill me, was that no-one seemed to notice my genuine terror. I realised early on that this song is possibly more about how no-one takes a frightened kid seriously than the nightmare. That, as a concept, seems more interesting to me. An early draft was this horrible, boring description of the actual nightmare, and it felt forced and really very dull. This, I think, is a little more natural and organic.


He had a black coat and no face
He said if slept again, I never again would wake.
I'm not going back in there
I'm not going back in there alone
I'm not going back in there
I'm not going back

He called me over and told me
To not open my mouth
He whispered these things to me
And I found that I couldn't shout
And I'm not going back in there
He'll get me if I do
Why do you say that it's not real?
You laugh at me, but every word is true

He said you'd be like this
He said you wouldn't believe
But if you heard what I heard and you felt what I felt
and you saw what I have seen
I'm not gonna sleep again
He'd kill me if I tried
You think it's funny, but you wouldn't be laughing
If you were the one that's just about to die

I am not going to (sleep)
Going to
Going to


from SpinTunes #4: Round 1, released January 31, 2012




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