David J - Sleep Child Sleep

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The shades are drawn
The beasts are gone
Sleep little child, sleep

You’re not sure if you are dreaming
Awakened to the sound of screaming
You walk toward your bedroom door
Your feet are cold on the wooden floor

You step warily into the hall
There’s a creature massive, hairy and tall

It stops to sniff midnight the air
You freeze in your tracks, and whisper a prayer
You must summon the courage to go back to bed
It turns right toward you; it’s teeth dripping red 8

Your Daddy’s near
No need to fear
Sleep little child, sleep

Time is frozen as it looks into your eyes
In its wheezing breath are a thousand cries
You tear through the kitchen and out the back door
It howls and snarls as it crosses the floor

It is atop you now, twisted jagged grin
Your vision is blurry; your head starts to spin
It jumps up, its claws wretch the ground
Its close now, but you can hear your heart pound

Its jaws are around you, its breath hot on your cheek
Your vision goes black, your chances are bleak

<Rad music box solo>

You’re being shaken awake, sun shining in your eyes
You can barely hear his words through your muffled cries

He whispers sweetly, darling its okay
I’m here, I’m here, I’m here to stay.


from SpinTunes #10: Round 2, released February 3, 2015
David Jaloza - Composition, Piano, Lyrics, Arrangement, Vocals
Jonathan Bryant - Guitar
Sean Pearson - Lyrics
Lisa Brown Jaloza - Chorus Vocals




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I run a songwriting contest called SpinTunes. Most of the material hosted on this account is a result of that contest. You can follow the contest on Twitter (@SpinTunes) or my personal account (@Spintown).

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