Governing Dynamics - Swing Shift

from by Various Artists



You've got questions
I've got answers
But you're so angry
And it's getting hard to smile

Something's growing
Like a cancer
But it tells a lot of good jokes
While it eats me alive

Drowned in infinite wisdom
Daily 9 hour prison
Tiny cuts and attrition
Cause alarming incisions

And now half of the time
I don't know my own mind
By the time 5 o'clock
Is drawing near
And I think you should know
I'm shutting down this whole show
Wherever I go
I'm not coming back here

I'm not blameless
I'm not blaming
But nothing here looks healthy
And all of it's unchanging

In the hallway
Eyes on the tiling
I think about tomorrow
And I swear I can't stop smiling

You can call these toys tools
I don't mind a few rules
But I can't keep my cool
When surrounded by fools

I eye the clock for the time
I break out of this grind
Every second this fog
Becomes more clear
Take my badge and my phone
I'll take the longest way home
Because I know
I'm not coming back here

I'm sure you'll get along without me
Try not to miss doubting me so much
You don't know the first thing about me
I hope you never stay in touch

This will go down as the day
That I made my escape
Uncertain futures will
cause me no fear
Take my badge and my phone
I'll take the longest way home
Because I know
I'm not coming backhere


from SpinTunes #5: Round 1, released July 2, 2012




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