Marlon - Take Your Money (Shadow)

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I wanted to have a chain reaction of firsts getting worse and worse and involve being buried alive by the mob.

Part of the song, I heard in a dream but I forgot most of the lyrics and melody but it had a female vocalist so I decided to have a female protagonist.

It's a little bit kill bill and a little bit alanis morisette.


the first time I saw you
felt like the first time I lost my breath
I tried to find it but didn't know where where to look
or how it even got out my chest

the first time I kissed you
was like the first time I saw the stars
the first time we watched the stars together
we were sitting on the back of my car

then we were dancing in the parking lot
I was swimming then inside of your eyes
wandering into our scene
we saw a fella holding a knife

in his gruff and weary face was the semblance of a life gone awry
I held you close as he coughed up smoke and sighed

and said I'm gonna take your money
or I'm gonna take your head
you seem like a couple of happy folk who don't wanna end up dead
life is pretty, life is sweet
but I don't wanna get out of bed
witout some green to keep me
this is the only way I know how to get

the first time we took a trip to vegas
you were my goodluck charm
I cleaned roulette and felt real good
til a gentleman took hold of my arm

the first time I met with the russian mob
a chill ran into my soul
and the first time I'd been called a cheat
was the first time I was dumped in a hole

the first time I climbed from a shallow grave
the mud was like blackstrap molasses
and the rain so sweet I wished it never ended

the first time that I gasped a breath
I thought would never happen
was the first time that I got the taste for vengeance

I'm gonna take my money
and I'm gonna take control
I'm gonna take a pound of flesh from those who dumped me there in the hole

life is pretty, life is sweet
like kittens drinking milk from a bowl
for the first time I will be the strongest one I know

rage coming in waves
spend all my days making a maze
to trap you in cages
I've been replaced, I've been betrayed, I've been erased
after all that I gave, all the bouquets
think of your face and just see a blaze
to know that it's true that it was you who put me in a grave

I'll be a different woman now
and I'mma make a great disguise
and when I'm through I won't leave you or any of the mobsters alive

revenge can be so very sweet
when it's coming as a special surprise
all will be in place when I arrive

I'm gonna take your money
I'm gonna shake your hand
I'm gonna look you in the eye
and tell you you're a big strong man

when you least expect it everything
comes crashing in on top of your head
and you'll see me holding strings
beneath the scenes to wrap you up and strangle you dead


from SpinTunes #11: Round 1, released January 26, 2016




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