Kevin Savino​-​Riker - The Damn Breaks

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It was never about winning
Our choice of direction affects us all
We'll steer ourselves to a new beginning
Or runaway straight toward a wall

And I thought I could be the one to pull the damn brakes
The one who saves face, not the one who raises the stakes
But you're in charge now and I pray your conscience awakes
Or consequences will cause a million heartaches

So what's your answer to me?

So much is riding on this
We'll scrutinize your every move
You've shown us how much you can promise
But you've got so much more to prove

You'll find you're hated and you're learning those are the damn breaks
You're in over your head and you're measured by your mistakes
You can't solve all of this with back room smiles and handshakes
It's time you listened to more than sycophant snakes

So will you listen to me?

Changing winds and changing tides
The times you lie are the times you drown
When the waters decide to rise
You'll not be able to talk them down

No, you don't wanna be on top of the dam when the dam breaks
Foundations are fragile, imagine the toll our fight takes
The march of the masses are known for causing earthquakes
You're just our employee, don't forget the difference that makes

Don't forget the difference that makes
Don't forget the difference that makes

Now you answer to me
Now you answer to me
Now you answer to me


from SpinTunes #12: Round 1, released January 31, 2017




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