Adam Sakellarides - The Terran Empire Anthem (Shadow)

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In a mirror universe, the Terran Empire rules: Captain Archer tortures without mercy, Spock has a beard, and the Bajorans are enslaved. This is their song.


Terra / Hail to Terra
Beware our Empire's throes
Terra / Hail to Terra
We will crush those who oppose

From the first invaders to our planet to the last to fight
Terrans are proud– if you cross us, you'll be fought on sight

Terra / Hail to Terra
The Alpha quadrant’s jewel
Terra / Hail to Terra
We will not stand down, we’ll duel

Hail the Terran Emperor, show your devotion
Killing's not just a way of life, it's a means of promotion

Somewhere out there is Utopia and virtue
And then when we find it we’ll be sure to exploit it, too

Terra / Hail to Terra
Our men are God’s gift
Terra /Hail to Terra
Where women bear midriffs

Take pride in taking what we need, conquer other worlds
Today the alpha quadrant, tomorrow the mirror universe

Terra / Hail to Terrra
Conquering all that we see
Terra / Hail to Terrra
Better than being free is to be mighty


from SpinTunes #9: Round 1, released July 15, 2014




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