Edric Haleen - The Terrible Things That Transpired Today

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My seven letters?

B - L - O - S - T - U - W


(This song was written using only words that begin with the letter "T.")

There’s Timmy --
The troublesome, trash-talking tyke.
There’s Tommy --
The tantruming tot.
There’s Tammy --
The tattletale.
There’s the teacher they torture.

This tells the terrible tale that transpired today . . .


Timmy took Tommy’s toy turtle.
Threatened to take Tommy’s
Toy to the trash.
Tommy then took Timmy’s
Tiny Transformer,
Thinking that that’d tempt
Timmy to trade.

Timmy, though, threatened to
Take Tommy’s toy to the
Toilet -- to toss Tommy’s
Toy to the turds.
This took the trembling
Tommy to tears,
Triggering Tommy’s third
Tantrum today.

Tammy then tattled to Teacher.
The teacher told
Timmy to take the toy
Turtle to Tommy.
Then Timmy tried telling the
Teacher that, truthfully?
Tommy’s the thief that took
Timmy’s Transformer!

The teacher then told them to
Trade the two toys, telling
Tommy, “The tantruming’s through!”

Then Tattletale Tammy told
Timmy that Tommy told
Teacher that Timmy told
Threatening things.
Then Tammy told Tommy that
Timmy told Tammy that
Tommy’s toy turtle’s the
Trashiest toy . . .

Then Tammy took turns taunting
Timmy, then Tommy, then
Taking their toys, then
Telling the teacher,
‘Til Teacher told Tammy,
“The tattling’s through!”
Then took the Transformer,
Took the toy turtle,
Turned to the terrors to
Tell the three,
Thund’rously --
“Timmy?!? Tommy?!? Tammy?!?

(There. That’s that, then.
‘Til tomorrow though, Teacher...
Try to think tranquil thoughts ‘til then...)


from SpinTunes #4: Round 3, released February 2, 2012




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

I used to run a songwriting contest called SpinTunes. Most of the material hosted on this account is a result of that contest.

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