Duality - To The End Of The World

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Well - As we are in separate home towns what Den and I did was discuss how we would go about writing a lyric for this one. Den had put down a few piano tracks and all of them were glorious, but this one spoke to me.

I had a lyric down pretty fast and Den decided we should just go with that rather than work 'her' home town in too.

In the end, it became about my hometown, and the way we sometimes have to leave ourselves and our safety behind.

(NB - The Law is a hill that dominates the centre of Dundee, it's what the city grew up around and The Tay is the broad river delta that Dundee sits on.

...and it is also about the internal home that Duality have to have to be able to create, in order to create! ... a hometown of the mind and soul.


Now.... I see the sun fall
On the town where I belong.
The wide Dundee sky
That I've known
All my life... Could I go
Off to the end
Of the world?
We'd fly.........................

How can I
Leave behind
The Law and the Tay?
Taking them down,
To the end
Of the world.

Although I love this town,
It's time that I
Learn to fly.
Leaving behind
All I've known,
To find what I can find.
Fly, to the end
Of the world.

If we can we'll make it our prize,
All we can do with all we can find.
Where we are from is a space in our minds
Taking, creating, the places inside.
The towns that we left we'll find in our world,
The love that we hold,
We're taking tonight,
Taking tonight,
Taking tonight,
To the end...


from SpinTunes #2: Round 1, released October 10, 2010
Joe "Covenant" Lamb & Denise Hudson




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