Jurek Mika - Yagi [Parte Uno]

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I crave your consent cuz my limbs won't bend without you ordering me to move and stop looking like an idiot, an iddy biddy bigot, who likes to stand by and just obey anybody that got a good melody and knows their shit who'll make me ask for it bit by bit and make me last till it's over with, who'll make me hawk and spit out their cum and shit and make me take a hit from that hooka-schmidt, who'll make me look in awe cuz of the size of it and will even drink my banana split as I'll throw a hissy fit cuz I won't submit, I gotta stick with it cuz now I'll sit on it! Ohh, I will rock your cock so good... They say... Eat shit, pig... I say, take laxatives, I'll open my mouth up and wait for shit to drop out of your asshole, into my mouth-hole, give ten percent, feel discontent cuz you wanted me to eat some more of your shit, just like a whore. Nevermore! That's what you said. Come scream some more, I'll show you that I can kill a whore like you and Ivette on the shore where I slit her throat and I began to gloat cuz I stole your coat and rode a mountain goat and then drove a boat to escape from the scene of the crime and admire the sublime beauty of the night as the moon shone on the ocean that I was driving my new boat on... I was still sitting on my mountain goat while I was driving the boat and I practically floated on top the waves, jumping up and down and falling in love with the sound of the ocean waves and the fresh smell of the sea that sneaked all up in my nose. And it was at that moment that I saw my reflection in a puddle of water, that had formed on the boat cuz of the waves trying to swallow me and my goat a whole, and I realized that I never wiped that cum from my face and that it has now dried and my eyes began to widen in shock as I then realized what I had done and I fell into a state of depression that I would never be able to break cuz I literally ate shit! And I was about to lose it and go absolutely crazy for the first time in my life and I almost lost my temper and killed myself in a blaze of glory by blowing up this entire boat but then I looked down into the innocent, beautiful eyes of that mountain goat and it was not judging me and it was calm and relaxed and it looked at me as if it was trying to say, I love you, man. Just chill out and take another hit from that bong, dude. You'll see that everything will be fine... And I said, Okay, you're right, Yagi! I won't kill myself cuz I got you, man! Ohh, I love you, Yagi! And that will never change! And cuz you're here, I won't do it, man! This ship ain't going down for shit, dude! You saved my life, Yagi! I love you, Yagi...


from SpinTunes #10: Round 3, released February 17, 2015




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