Mick Bordet - You Remind Me (S)

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This wasn't what I signed up for
It wasn't written in a vow
For rich or poor, in health or sick
Lucid thoughts come seldom now

Walks hand-in-hand along the Seine
Moonlight dancing through your hair
How long til such cherished memories join the rest
Forgotten, lost, dispersed to who-knows-where?

Let me remind you of how much I"ve loved you
Every single day since we first met
But the time is nigh
No turning back, hear what I said
You must move on
We can't deny what lies ahead
Let me remind you of how much I"ve loved you.

I see you just can't stay away
But the man you're looking for has gone
Only this shell of... I forget the word
Never mind, it won't be long

You remind me of a girl I loved
Almost a lifetime ago
But time has run
I've lost track of what has been
I'll bid adieu
As I forget all that I've seen
You remind me of a girl I loved.

I can't remember the girl I loved.

... I can't remember...


from Champions Vs Shadows #2: Round 1, released July 19, 2016




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