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I'm here today to speak about the Pyramids
Of Stonehenge and the Dropa stones, and other wondrous things.
So join me on this journey of discovery
A sense of child-like wonder is all that you need bring!

Now, to begin...

Look! and see the mysterious, beautiful past
I don't know how you can and not be moved
So many JOYless types type out there today
Are really too concerned with what one can or cannot prove.

Could man have made such wonders?
Was culture on the rise?
(I don't think so.) (Nuh-uh.)
Now I'll reveal whodunit, so listen to me, guys:

It was ALIENS! Oh, aliens.
Descended to the earth, from the black beyond the blue.
Aliens! Don't be contrarian.
If you look into your heart, you know it's true.

Consider now: cave paintings. They show us all the clues!
Looks just like an astronaut, sharing wisdom's wealth;
And this! The moon and stars.. or an antelope (or something)...
And a caveman'd be too stupid to think of that himself!

Does evidence support it?
(Of course it does!) (SURE)
Have we really thought this through?
(YES!) (Yyyyyy-up.)
Surely something awesome beats out
The logic'ly true?

It was aliens! Those crafty aliens.
Brought us Promethean fire just to light our cigarettes
Aliens! To guide we barbarians.
Ungrateful as we are, they might regret.

Now, why are you all laughing?
Peer-reviewed sticks and stones won't fell us!
Call us pseudo-science or pseudo-sane
But all you are haters are just jealous...


...that we know aliens! Our savior aliens.
One day they'll part the clouds and take us all back to skies.
Aliens! 'neath the Mediterranean
And when they wake from stasis you'll recognize.

It was ALIENS! Oh, aliens.
With interstellar travel and nothing better to do.
Aliens! Don't be contrarian.
I don't have all day to convince you.

And if you look into your heart you know it's true.


from SpinTunes #8: Round 3, released March 11, 2014
Travis Norris - several things
@suspiciousden - several other things




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