MC Ohm​-​I - Favorite Games

from by Various Artists



Are you curious? About the genres of games I like to play?
Step right this way and I will tell you everything on my mind today
I'd like to say that as the self-proclaimed gamer type
I'd play all types of things but here are some of the games I like

Assassin's Creed is great. From the Middle East to pirate ships
100% memory completion? I'll acquire it
No matter how old I get, gaming's never on the bench, sir.
Rock single player adventures till I got a cane and some dentures

First person shooters are cool. Must I remind you
I rep the New Conglomerate when I play Planetside 2
Not a Battlefield fan. Nor of Call of Duty.
Cause they're filled with immature kids who still think girls have cooties

And so they're so unruly like barbarians in Civ 5.
Real-time strategy isn't a genre that I live by
But there's one in particular that's stuck in my head though
Super unique for sure, it was called There Came an Echo.

MMOs, FPS, games filled with action
Wrestling, adventures. You know what's crackin'
Genres aplenty of different names
These are just some of my favorite games

RPGs, strategies. You know I like it
Rhythm games always a favorite on my list
Genres aplenty of different names
These are just some of my favorite games

Rocket League is gangsta. It's soccer using racecars
It's addicting. It's a dope game I like to play hard.
Not usually into sports games. Not since I've had life and breath
But now watch me in my car, scoring goals right and left

RPGs are PC favorite. A different league than sports.
Fourteen different stories all named Final Fantasy. Of course,
They're not really related. All different types of people
But the thing they didn't need were all different types of sequels.

Rhythm games? I love them. Rock Band, I'm the lead guitar
Pump It Up, In The Groove, watch me move in DDR
Never surprised by rhythm games that are new to me
Mostly it's because I'm naturally inclined musically

Life is Strange or Wolf Among Us. I dig 'em a lot

Engaging episodic games that are driven by plot
This list isn't complete. The full one is mighty ample
And as far as genres go, this is a tiny sample


from Champions Vs Shadows #1: Champions, released July 28, 2015




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