Champions Vs Shadows #1: Champions

by Various Artists

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Listin' In - Write a list song about any topic you like. The song should be in the form of a list, not about a list. (2 minute minimum length) (they had a little more than 9 days)


released July 28, 2015

Album art by Matt Schubbe




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

I run a songwriting contest called SpinTunes. Most of the material hosted on this account is a result of that contest. You can follow the contest on Twitter (@SpinTunes) or my personal account (@Spintown).

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Track Name: Jenny Katz - Thoughts On Leaving You
The pros are:
I would not have to sit here and watch you suffer
The pros are:
I could stop surreptitiously counting the pills
Stop searching your face for a trace that you're
finally turning the corner,
But the cons are: that I love you

And the pros are:
You wouldn’t have to try and feel grateful
And the pros are:
It's possible you would be a happier man
And I could buy a kitten, I could buy a
couple of kittens if I wanted to,
but the cons are: that I'd miss your skin

And I guess I should put the rest of the good
down here in the column: The moments in
bed when we briefly forget there's anything wrong
And the lines of your eyes as seen from the side
every time you smile at a joke that I made
Cause we still make jokes, everyday

And the pros are:
I would not be subject to your emotional whiplash
and I wouldn't have to feel like a mouse caught in a maze—
frantically trying to learn the turns to take
But the cons are, I can grow here
And the pros are:
You could stop telling me I'd be better off without you
And I wouldn't have to worry that you
never really wanted a wife
We would both be freed from the weight
of all of these needs
But the cons are: that I don't want to be free
That's not what free means to me

That's not what free means
Track Name: Matt & Donna - Reasons My Kid Is Crying
Tears are flowin' from your eyes
is it because of the fly
that got near your face when I opened the door?

Or does it have something to do
with you wanting the dogs food?
Or you don't want to use the same spoon anymore?

Can't understand you
but I don't have to...

Are you sad because I won't
let you hold our TV remote
and push the buttons
with your fingers full of goo?
Or do you find it so unfair
that I should help push in your chair
when you can't reach your plate? Now honey that's just rude.

Can't understand you,
but I don't have to
just have to roll my eyes and say
"Why oh why is my kid crying so hard today?"

Now all I do is wish and hope
you're sad because you ate the soap
and not because I up and snatched it away

And it couldn't be more clear
as you start eating through your tears
that I put too much breakfast on your little tray

Can't understand you
but I don't have to
just have to roll my eyes and say
"I don't know why my kids crying so hard today."
Track Name: Governing Dynamics - Room Stop Spinning
Duck out a little early
Hit up the liquor store
Then the party down on Baker
Look so cool that you're bored

Wrangle your persona
But don't wrestle with the truth
Maybe try Corona?
And reclaim your fading youth

This house is awful young
Living room is like a sauna
(How's the DJ's never heard
Of Sublime or Nirvana?)

Time is catching up with me
Things don't feel the same as
Two thousand three
I'll figure out where I fell out of frame
When the room stops spinning

Wake up and reach out blindly
For something to numb the hurt
Seek a glass of water
Like a dying man trapped in the desert

Wonder if your Friday night
Might be somehow better spent
Count the opportunities
That came and then they went

Now check your phone...

Time is catching up with me
Things don't feel the same as
Two thousand three
It's not like
Some wouldn't call me young
But I'm getting way to old
To be having this kind of fun
I've made a note to work this out
When the room stops spinning
Track Name: MC Ohm-I - Favorite Games
Are you curious? About the genres of games I like to play?
Step right this way and I will tell you everything on my mind today
I'd like to say that as the self-proclaimed gamer type
I'd play all types of things but here are some of the games I like

Assassin's Creed is great. From the Middle East to pirate ships
100% memory completion? I'll acquire it
No matter how old I get, gaming's never on the bench, sir.
Rock single player adventures till I got a cane and some dentures

First person shooters are cool. Must I remind you
I rep the New Conglomerate when I play Planetside 2
Not a Battlefield fan. Nor of Call of Duty.
Cause they're filled with immature kids who still think girls have cooties

And so they're so unruly like barbarians in Civ 5.
Real-time strategy isn't a genre that I live by
But there's one in particular that's stuck in my head though
Super unique for sure, it was called There Came an Echo.

MMOs, FPS, games filled with action
Wrestling, adventures. You know what's crackin'
Genres aplenty of different names
These are just some of my favorite games

RPGs, strategies. You know I like it
Rhythm games always a favorite on my list
Genres aplenty of different names
These are just some of my favorite games

Rocket League is gangsta. It's soccer using racecars
It's addicting. It's a dope game I like to play hard.
Not usually into sports games. Not since I've had life and breath
But now watch me in my car, scoring goals right and left

RPGs are PC favorite. A different league than sports.
Fourteen different stories all named Final Fantasy. Of course,
They're not really related. All different types of people
But the thing they didn't need were all different types of sequels.

Rhythm games? I love them. Rock Band, I'm the lead guitar
Pump It Up, In The Groove, watch me move in DDR
Never surprised by rhythm games that are new to me
Mostly it's because I'm naturally inclined musically

Life is Strange or Wolf Among Us. I dig 'em a lot

Engaging episodic games that are driven by plot
This list isn't complete. The full one is mighty ample
And as far as genres go, this is a tiny sample