Trader Jack - FreeYourCredit​.​com (M​.​A​.​C​.​D​.​) (Shadow)

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It's a spoken word kind of thing about a blatant scam, posing as a tech talk / website unvailing. I'll probably get rid of the lyrics entirely and turn it into a dance track eventually. But that's not really in the spirit of the contest.


True cyber security begins with you and me. Only when all information is free, truly free, will we be protected, not by anonymity or secrecy, but by reciprocity. If I have your credit card information, I can buy things with that card, and you will be responsible for those purchases. But what happens if you also have my credit card information? You can easily purchase things under my name in retaliation. We could go on and on in this fashion, digging each other into inescapable depths of indebtedness. But would sane individuals do so? Wouldn't we more likely, and on a grand scale, if globally implemented as I am proposing, embrace a de facto golden rule system? Who would steal only to be stolen from? No one. Justice for the people and by the people would emerge virtually over night.

To implement this system of global safety, and to allow you and everyone to immediately take part in it, I have created a website where you can enter your credit card information; There you will also find my name and credit card information. I will periodically send out emails with the updated list of supporters in the free credit movement. I thank you all in advance for your trust and wisdom as we take the next logical step in the internet age. Financial safety, through mutually assured credit destruction.


from SpinTunes #8: Round 3, released March 11, 2014




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