TurboShandy - Generic Relationship Song

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My legs went kinda funny when I saw her standing there
Her dirty beat up Converse and her yellow shiny hair
She looked so good in that light, she looked exactly my type
"Hey there, what's your name?"

Woah oh-h oh, woah oh, woah oh
I met her at the punk show
Woah oh
I met her at the punk show

"I'll see you at 8" I said
I read it back twice then pressed send
You were punctual, you were there on time
"What can I get you from the bar?"
"Did I tell you I play guitar?"

We spent the whole night talking all about our favourite bands
I had fun, hope you had fun, how about we do it again

That night turned into another night
And another night
And then every weekend
And I thought, you know, hey now, this is alright
Could get used to this pretty damn easy, you're really
Attractive, compassionate, kind, and forgiving
It's almost as if you're not like other women
I'm startin' to get this kinda funny feeling
The kind the songwriters and poets all deal with, it's


Yeah it's me
Are you alright?
Are we still on for Friday night?"
(Spoken) "Well, here's the thing
What I called for...
I uh, well...
I just can't do this anymore"

So you came out of the blue
Decided to rip my heart in two
Ends as soon as it begun
I thought we were havin' fun

Yeah, I was a little upset
But time's the greatest healer
And my watch ain't dead yet
So just be strong
It don't take too long
Waiting is your medication
To get over a situation
Like the one in this generic relationship song


from SpinTunes #7: Round 2, released July 23, 2013
Thanks to Reddit user linuxlass for the spoken word part.




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