Matt & Donna - Reasons My Kid Is Crying

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Inspired by the blog "Reasons My Son is Crying". We don't have kids of our own, but we know plenty of people who do. This is their story.


Tears are flowin' from your eyes
is it because of the fly
that got near your face when I opened the door?

Or does it have something to do
with you wanting the dogs food?
Or you don't want to use the same spoon anymore?

Can't understand you
but I don't have to...

Are you sad because I won't
let you hold our TV remote
and push the buttons
with your fingers full of goo?
Or do you find it so unfair
that I should help push in your chair
when you can't reach your plate? Now honey that's just rude.

Can't understand you,
but I don't have to
just have to roll my eyes and say
"Why oh why is my kid crying so hard today?"

Now all I do is wish and hope
you're sad because you ate the soap
and not because I up and snatched it away

And it couldn't be more clear
as you start eating through your tears
that I put too much breakfast on your little tray

Can't understand you
but I don't have to
just have to roll my eyes and say
"I don't know why my kids crying so hard today."


from Champions Vs Shadows #1: Champions, released July 28, 2015




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