Kevin Savino​-​Riker - The Ballad Of Andrew Meyer

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Senator Kerry, I have a question, and I have a right to know
In 2004 you won the election, but the Right suppressed the vote
They rigged machines, shunned communities; GOP stole the show
How could you concede? Our democracy was dealt a crazy blow!

My candidate betrays me so!
But the facts are hazy, though...

Like your opposition to George W.; the man should be your foe!
And what about his plan to invade Iran? Can you stand to let that go?
I can't believe you refuse to impeach him; as a Yalie you should know
That it seems like these are the acts of a fellow member of Skull & Bones

Oh, thanks for cutting my microphone...

I know I'm being kind of an asshole, but I don't really think I'm doing anything wrong

Get your hands off me; he isn't answering! People, please, just gaze below
His veiled pleasantries to see his secrecy - how he plays the show
Now they're arresting me, I didn't do anything! You don't faze me, no...
Oh, someone help me please, police brutality!

Don't tase me, bro!

Oh, ow, ohh

Please let me go!

Please, let me go!

Just let me go!

Let me go!


from SpinTunes #6: Round 1, released January 29, 2013




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