Jerry Skids - The Separation Of State And Nothing

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Our children pledge allegiance to a country
They don’t even know if they accept or reject
The freedoms that they think they have, they don’t exist
Cos they’re suspended if they choose not to recite it
Oh and don’t think I forgot that God is plastered in the middle of
A pledge you’re forced to say at public school
The Separation of Church and Nothing
You have no Constitution – just follow their rules

They got no freedom of religion, got no freedom of speech
They’re just blindly followin’ cos you’re authority
Who program our young to be autonomous sheep
And slowly limit their vocabulary
Cos everything is now offensive and the whole world’s oversensitive
It starts with a pledge and it ends up in advertisements
The Separation of State and Nothing
We’re all just soldiers of the P.C.

And all the kids are singin’
“You can’t indoctrinate me
To your biased definition of a society
You can’t indoctrinate me
Prohibition of independency”

Well 12 seconds a day, 13 years – when you get out
We’ve become the perfect specimens
It’s easier to have control over the masses
Who all watch and listen to the same damn things
So less people will protest the illegal search and seizure
By the NYPD, what happened to our freedom?
The Separation of State and Nothing
Mandatory patriotism

And the Hindus, Jews, and Buddhists forced to put up a façade
Coerced by State to pledge allegiance to the Christian God
Cos the Church and State, they have no use for individuals
Who may question when they work in tandem as criminals
We’re striving for autonomy, but we’re stuck in theocracy
A world without God is like a world without wisdom teeth
The Separation of Church and Nothing
We surrender free will to Deity

Do you swear upon the Bible in a court of law?
Are the Ten Commandments posted on the Courthouse front door?
Why does the Candidate’s belief in God give him the edge?
It all starts with the fucking pledge!!

And all the kids are singin’
“You can’t indoctrinate me
To your sickening definition of humanity
You can’t indoctrinate me
Prohibition of independency
You can’t indoctrinate me
Find another goon to be your enlistee
You can’t indoctrinate me
Because I am not a sycophant
Your thinking is irrelevant
Ban the pledge so we can all be free!!!”


from SpinTunes #6: Round 3, released February 26, 2013




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