Jenny Katz - Thoughts On Leaving You

from by Various Artists



The pros are:
I would not have to sit here and watch you suffer
The pros are:
I could stop surreptitiously counting the pills
Stop searching your face for a trace that you're
finally turning the corner,
But the cons are: that I love you

And the pros are:
You wouldn’t have to try and feel grateful
And the pros are:
It's possible you would be a happier man
And I could buy a kitten, I could buy a
couple of kittens if I wanted to,
but the cons are: that I'd miss your skin

And I guess I should put the rest of the good
down here in the column: The moments in
bed when we briefly forget there's anything wrong
And the lines of your eyes as seen from the side
every time you smile at a joke that I made
Cause we still make jokes, everyday

And the pros are:
I would not be subject to your emotional whiplash
and I wouldn't have to feel like a mouse caught in a maze—
frantically trying to learn the turns to take
But the cons are, I can grow here
And the pros are:
You could stop telling me I'd be better off without you
And I wouldn't have to worry that you
never really wanted a wife
We would both be freed from the weight
of all of these needs
But the cons are: that I don't want to be free
That's not what free means to me

That's not what free means


from Champions Vs Shadows #1: Champions, released July 28, 2015




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