SpinTunes #11: Round 3

by Various Artists

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Greek Chorus - Write a song with no chorus based on a ancient mythological figure/story. (2 minute minimum length) (they had 8 days)


released February 23, 2016

Album art by Matt Schubbe




Spintown Middletown, Ohio

I used to run a songwriting contest called SpinTunes. Most of the material hosted on this account is a result of that contest.

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Track Name: Governing Dynamics - Wax Wings
(Part I - The Labyrinth)

Started with a boy and a girl
Blank walls and endless corridors
Surely took down the beast, that was the least
Of what you were in for

This ball of string unravels
Leaves us stranded in the stone
When you displease the masters
Disaster like you’ve never known

Now they’ve caught me and you
We’ve not got much to do
But to try to think our way out of this place

You’re poring over wires and springs
I’m hanging from this rope and wax wings
Untangle us from these old feuds
Out of control altitude

With my wings stretched out wide
And your blood running cold
I’m at the edge of pride and growing old

(Part II - Above Crete)

As I rise up over the mountains
The wind passes right through
The whole world lies below me
I wish that you could see it too
Now I’m falling towards the fire
Now I’m tumbling in the blue
I reach for the horizon
But there’s nothing I can do

In a spiral, a spiral
A spiral...

(Part III - A Rapid Descent)

I guess I should have listened
Now I’ve lost of my lift
Feathers turned to ashes
And I’m out to drift
Never could be satisfied with just enough
The wind is really picking up, now...

We dance close to the fire
But we never dream we’ll burn
You see that climbing chariot?
Us kids, we’ll never learn

Out to sea, out to sea, out to sea
I spiral out to sea
Track Name: Ominous Ride - Sisyphus
Cunning and brash,
The king of Ephyra
Draws his final breath
No apprehension
Of confronting Death
For he has a plan

Thanatos scales the palace gates
His quarry a man who dared to betray Olympus
And give up its secrets
For his own gain

It is one thing to send the guilty down
It's another to keep him

As the travelers forge the river Styx
Tartarus looms in the distance
The prisoner senses his opportunity to escape

The very manacles intended to keep him bound
Are the ones that will free him

Sisyphus: Pray tell, are these my eternal chains?
Death: Indeed, they shall be your tomb.
Sisyphus: So forged to keep even a god detained?
Death: No doubt they could humble the highest throne
Sisyphus: I have reservations
These shackles confuse me
A brief demonstration
On your own hands would soothe me...
And I run

Zeus: How dare this mortal Sisyphus mock Death!
He thinks his tricks will expunge his debt
He may have wit, but he lacks respect
For the gods! He will pay for this treason!

A mountainside is where he'll serve his sentence
A mighty stone is how he'll pay his penance.
He needs no chains, for his toil is endless
Trudging and rolling from season to season

And rolling
And trudging
And toiling
Till the end of time
Track Name: Megalodon - Cassandra
Well you're a doomsday prophet when you happen to be
You only tell the truth
And if you see a boon, you want to howl at the moon
And shout it from the roof
But like the man of grace in his native place
There's no ear for the song you sing
So what's the point of knowing what tomorrow may bring
If nobody's listening

The stock market will crash in a pile of ash
For sure October twelfth
But just like Stevie Nicks who’s up to her witchy tricks
Just keep your visions to yourself
Cause even if you tell everybody to sell
They will not save their skin
What's the point of knowing what tomorrow may bring
If nobody's listening

There's no elation in prognostication
If it won't do a lick of good
You know for sure and your intentions are pure
But everyone you know is still knocking on wood

A modern day Cassandra, you see everything clearly
But no one takes your word
Apollo's sycophants misunderstanding your rants
back-peddling once (it’s) occurred
Things could be worse, at least you know it first
but that doesn’t soothe the sting
Cause what's the point of knowing what tomorrow may bring
If nobody's listening
Track Name: Jailhouse Payback - The Story Of Xenu And The Revolt In The Stars
i was driving down the road and something didnt feel right
like my soul was off, or wound too tight
how was i to know it was a thetan that was bothering me?

usually its money or women or work
or the wrong kinda pills
for the wrong kinda hurt
but this time it was an alien's memory

fate led me to big blue and an auditor named steve
he gave me a test and told me how i should be
and i knew i wanted to be clear

level one and level two led to level 3
and OT 3
and the story of Xenu and the revolt in the stars

you see, xenu was the ruler of the galatic world
much like ours but it had too many men
so xenu froze their souls with alcohol

and he took that lot to Teegeack,
thats what they called earth back then
and he dropped em by volcanoes
and guess what he did next?

hydrogen boms he let em down
blew those thetans all around
but their memories were left floating around in the air

these events are known as incident 2
or the wall of fire to me and you
or the R6 implant to those who wanna know more

electric ribbons were what xenu used
to catch those souls and make em view
a movie in 3D for 36 straight days

so we got xenu to thank for world religion
all comin outta that wild cinema ride

but eventually xenu was overthrown
and put in an electric mountain trap
and if that doesnt sound awesome to you?
then brother, i dont know know where you're at...

essentially earth is a planet prison
a pariah to the rest of the stars
i like to think that me and ole' xenu,
we're together behind these celestial bars

so in order to live like old L Ron
youve gotta get these thetans outta your skull
and it only costs about 100 thousand bucks

thats the lesson i learned hard
it takes money to learn and learning to love
and its all tax exempt
because most likely, it. is. true.
Track Name: Edric Haleen - Is That Too Much To Ask? (An Appeal To The American People)
What’s the most important day
Of a person’s life?

It’s their birthday.

A day they should be honored.
A day to be remembered.
A day to be the center
Of ev’ryone’s attention.
To bathe in their affection.
Is that too much to ask?

So I am here, requesting
The 323,045,451 people in your nation
Show me consideration
When it’s mine...

I’m asking . . .

Move my celebration
From September to December.
Then make my birthday an event --
Make it a holiday!
Close all the schools and all the
Bus’nesses and governments,
Then help my birthday . . . erm . . .
My holiday to grow!
Please make my holiday a season!
Not just a day, but
Sev’ral weeks, I think, might do.
Let’s start the shopping in November.
And while we’re at it,
Let’s just go annex
Thanksgiving evening, too!

Let’s have songs play from the radios
Of ev’ry home and car and store!
And let’s have carolers
Sing songs of me from door to door!
Have choirs and orchestras
Give concerts galore!
And while we’re feeling festive . . .

When you meet and greet each other
For the month before my day,
Make acknowledging my birthday
Be the norm for what you oughta say!
And then heap scorn on those
Who do not obey!
Even if they do not worship me.
Even if they don’t believe in me.
Even if they’ve never heard of me.
Keep the focus on me!

And if you think you’re losing traction,
Please take quick, defensive action.
Say the small, opposing faction’s waging


on me.

(Is that too much to ask?)
Track Name: Glen Raphael - Elisha The Prophet
Elisha was a prophet
Didn't have no hair
Little kids poked fun
They got mauled by bears
And that's the way it goes when you're the holiest of holies
Everybody knows you need respect
And circumstances froze us into patterns of behavior
We aren't cognizant of danger
We're looking for a savior of our own

Elisha met a widow
The woman needed cash
Took a little oil and added to her stash
'Cause you're multiplying loaves when you're the holiest of holies
Normal mathematics doesn't fly
Subtraction and division start to get a little stealthy
And this widow's getting wealthy
While some leper's getting healthy

Poor Sal died near Elisha
Lowered to his grave
Touched Elisha's corpse, and his life was saved
'Cause things get pretty strange when you're the holiest of holies
You can still do miracles while dead
And if I ever found a body that was giving life new leases
I would go into the business
Of selling bits and pieces
Of his head

Elisha was a prophet
42, 42 children
42 children mauled by bears.
Track Name: James Young - Unbound
He gave us fire
Now they're taking him away
Fuelled our desire
For knowledge and the arts
No sacrifice
From now on will be wasted
But he will pay the price

Cast down from the heavens
A fallen deity
Left upon a hillside
For eternity
For eternity

If you looked to the sky
You'd have seen a war was raging
Other Titans defied
And were banished to the depths
Then a tiny betrayal
And Pandora's box was opened
When he gave fire to man
He gave fire to man

Suffer forever
No longer regal
Liver for dinner
Feast of an eagle
A fate worse than death
Until Hercules saved him
Now he's unbound again
Unbound again
Track Name: Rob From Amersfoort - Pygmalion & Galatea
I don't go out much
people can be rough
speaking to women
can be so tough

I stay at home
creating my own art
females are my muse
I give them my heart

in my fantasy
they are alive
so beautiful
be my wife

I don't go out much
I've got no self-esteem
girls don't seem to like me
but I've got my dreams

in my fantasy
they are alive
bearing my children
I will survive

I'm in my studio
creating my own art
females are my muse
they give me their heart
Track Name: Emperor Gum - Pyramus
From meeting friendship new
Till passion’s fire we grew
But your presence’s gone amiss
Now you’re rent away by our kin’s rift

True love aloud is drowned
So whisper trackless sound
Trade sorrow, joy with me
Let’s talk of what can never be

We could steal away, Thisbe
We could leave tonight, Thisbe
Meet at Ninus’ tomb, Thisbe

This crumbling cement screen
Is all there is between
The dreams we share, Thisbe
In Babylon’s walls we’re never free

Let’s run away
We’ll run away

Under moon, white mulberry
Stained crimson by the blood
I thought was all to separate us
Till nature’s fangs tore our hopes apart

I promised you we’d always be together
One more moment’s pain and then forever
I fall on this sword to reach your arms
Track Name: Ross Durand - Sympathy For Hades
Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m the one you’ll never see
‘Till Charon carries you across the Achenar, and delivers your soul to me

I could have been like Zeus on Olympus, or Poseiden in the sea
But I’m the brother drew the short straw, so the Underworld went to me

I’m not your Satan, I’m not your devil
I ain’t looking to steal your soul
It’s just my job to keep you here
When it’s finally your time to go

You might be headed to Elysium or the Meadows of Asphodel
But if you’re headed to the Fields of Punishment
It’s probably just as well

And if should you doubt if Cerberus and I take our job very seriously
The reason Sisyphus still pushes that stone - that was me

So if you fear to say my name , cause of something I might do to you
You can just call me Pluto, that’s what the Romans do

So please allow me to introduce myself, I’m the one you never see
So I guess I got some bad news for you if you’re introducing yourself to me
Yeah I guess I got some bad news for you if you’re introducing yourself to me
Track Name: Mark Humble - Waiting For Persephone
Cold gray wind
Across the sky
Steals the earth
Demeter cries
Winter shivers endlessly
Waiting for Persephone

Mother Earth
Grows nothing
Daughter gone
Til Spring
Shrouded in a frigid veil
Waiting for Persephone

Mother dreams
Grateful tears
Melting ice
When child appears
Sweetly spring will bloom again
With golden green Persephone
Track Name: Jeff Brown - Orion (Shadow)
Arms raised – feels like a good day to die
Stand straight – seems the winds are blowing dry
So many secrets still to keep
The Archer and the Thief
Sink low – returning to the dark
We know – the light is but a spark
So many secrets still to keep
The Archer and the Thief
The edges slowly fade
The thief will crawl away
While perched upon the wall
The Archer's time will fall
Draw fast – the hour's getting near
At last – the reckoning is here
So many secrets still to keep
The Archer and the Thief
So many years we've been asleep
The Archer and the Thief

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